Rolf Paloheimo has been a builder all his life, In 1995 he developed the Toronto Healthy House project in partnership with CMHC, he was runner up in Canada’s National Efficiency Awards (1999) in 1997 this project was featured on a Postage Stamp

Rolf holds a patent in environmental technology.

Rolf is the founding President of New Visions Homes , a residential program that creates group homes for children and adults with developmental disabilities. When Rolf retired from New Visions in 1993 it had 120 staff and it is still an active and growing institution.

Rolf was the CFO for Arthur Potts when he ran for Municipal Council, Arthur was the MPP for Beaches East York (the area where our project is) up until the last election.

Rolf developed an accounting program “Fiscal Knowledge” targeting the construction Industry in 1989.

Rolf ran the Construction Management Company “Contract Construction Inc.” , specializing in project and construction management. The company’s largest client was the Guarantee Company of North America, for whom the company performed performance bond completions.